MHS Volunteers

Welcome to the MHS Band Booster Volunteer page. This is where you can sign up for any and all MHS Band Booster activities.

Please click on an activity below to get to the sign up link to pitch in to volunteer. Some fund raiser activities put m

oney in the Booster programs to keep your fees low. Some put money in your student account to help pay for those fees. All activities need to be supported to make these programs successful.

The sign ups will prompt you for your email address (required) when signing up for events. This will allow the system to send you an email reminder several days before the event. You may also add comments (optional) for each entry.

Please donate your time! Thanks.

Special Note: Some links do not work because dates haven't been established yet. They will be active soon.

Car Washes

Soap it up for a good cause. Volunteer to help the MHS music programs. This year, all proceeds go directly to the students working the car wash. They will be held at the Church on Main (across from Everett Theater). Dates will be announced in the coming weeks. Until then, the button doesn't work.

Winter Ensembles

Competitions including Wildwood are available at this link. Volunteers needed for Winter Guard chaperons, Percussion chaperons and drivers for both trailers. Check your schedule & click to sign up!

Winter Guard Rehearsals

Our Indoor Guard ensembles rehearse nearly every Tuesday & Thursday at Brick Mill Elementary School. This means their equipment trailer needs to travel there too so they can be the best they can be. That is a lot of towing, but with many volunteers, no one has to do it all the time. BUT it has to get there! Please sign up for a day or two (or a dozen) if you can tow the small trailer (2" ball, 4 terminal connection) to Brick Mill by 6pm and bring it back after 9pm. Click on the button to the right to see the available slots.

Spring Sports Concessions

We run the concession stand at Cavalier Stadium for Lacrosse and Soccer games to help support our program. Please see the sign-up sheet if you can help out. Students welcome and your efforts count as service hours. Spring Sports games will be announced very shortly. Until then, the button doesn't work.

Blue Rocks

We run either the Third Base concession stand, the Snack Shack (popcorn), the Soft Serve ice cream or a combination of all three. All proceeds go to student accounts at the end of the Blue Rocks baseball season. More details on how it works below.

A few rules: No open toed shoes (no flip flops, no sandles). White shirt. Khaki shorts or pants. Being on time is important. Breaks are given, not taken, based on the crowd and how busy it is. You'll get a food voucher as an added bonus.

Game dates will be announced in the coming weeks. Until then, the button doesn't work.