London New Year’s Trip 2017/18

Here are most of  the remaining details of our trip that you’ve all been waiting for. Thanks for being so patient! Logistics, Airlines & Flights, Hotel, Itinerary and lots more.

Some items continue to evolve (wake up & lights out times as well as bus schedules), but this is relatively solid. As with all our field trips and excursions, flexibility and adaptability remain of paramount importance.


It is critical for you to know your travel group. The two separate flights and airports presents a logistical issue, but not a problem. Please refer to the lists below to see to which group you belong. This is only for travel to and from airports and flights. Each group will be transported to and from our hotel separately. The remainder of the trip will be as one group. Be aware that families are traveling together, but not necessarily chaperones with their students. This is unavoidable. On the planes, all adults are chaperones to all students!
Newark, NJ roster of Band students, Staff, & Chaperones
Philadelphia, PA roster of Band students, Staff & Chaperones

MHS & Flight information:
Newark, NJ groupBand student, Staff & Chaperone roster link
Please arrive at MHS no later than 10:30 am on 12/27. Bus departs at 11:30 am
>>> British Airways flight 184 departing USA at 6:35pm on 12/27/17  to Heathrow in London
>>> Estimated arrival time in London: 6:30am on 12/28/17
<<< British Airways flight 185 departing London at 10:50am on 1/03/18 to Newark, NJ
<<< Estimate arrival time in Newark: 2:00pm on 1/3/18

Philadelphia, PA groupBand student, Staff & Chaperone roster link
Please arrive at MHS no later than 1:00 pm on 12/27. Buses depart at 2:00 pm
>>> American Airlines flight 736 departing USA at 7:40pm on 12/27/17 to Heathrow in London
>>> Estimate arrival time in London: 7:45am on 12/28/17
<<< American Airlines flight 729 departing London at 2:35pm on 1/03/18 to Philadelphia, PA
<<< Estimated arrival time in Philadelphia: 6:10pm on 1/3/18

Baggage Rules
Each of you will be allowed one carry-on (small backpack or airline-approved carry-on), one personal bag (purse, laptop, cinch sack, or similar), plus one checked bag. Students with small instruments (piccolo, flute, & clarinet) will pack your instrument in your carry-on. All baggage limitations are listed below. Be sure your bags are not too heavy or big. We will be checking prior to leaving the school.

British Airways complete checked bag rules link
Briefly; 35.5″ x 29.5″ x 16″ maximum and 51 pounds
British Airways complete carry-on rules link
Briefly; 22″ x 18″ x 10″ maximum
American Airlines complete checked bag rules link
Briefly; 62″ total dimensions (length + width + height) and 50 pounds
American Airlines complete carry-on rules link
Briefly; 22″ x 14″ x 9″ maximum

Hotel Accomodations
We will be staying at the Park Plaza Victoria at
239 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London  SW1V 1EQ  United Kingdom
+44 (0) 84 4415 6750

Students have been matched with their chosen roommates and most rooms have been assigned. I will publish room numbers with names as soon as all rooms are ready.

Chaperones have also been matched and will be published when all rooms numbers are ready.

The chaperone assignments have been made to pair student with parent where possible. Rest assured, you will be with your child for most activities even if you aren’t their chaperone. There is also ample opportunity to mix and match groups. A document of chaperone responsibilities will be made available shortly. It is a guideline, not a manual. 

Your primary duty as a chaperone will be wake-up & lights out responsibilities as well as helping to monitor all students. During free time if you desire, you will be able to travel in smaller groups and family units as time and conditions allow.

We are very lucky to have more chaperones than necessary to run this trip. This will mean that some of you do not have students assigned to you. This is in no way absolution from chaperone duties! 🙂  We still need lots of supervision to make sure our young adults are making wise life decisions.

Click on this Chaperone / Student List link to see your groups.

MHS itinerary
Now onto the good stuff! Click on this MHS in London 2018 link to view our schedule. It is jam packed with structured events as well as time to explore this world-class city in a more flexible (yet chaperoned!) way. As previously stated, flexibility is key as there are likely to be changes. Those changes will be communicated to all adults at our daily evening meetings after sending the students to bed.

For all unstructured time, we will require all chaperoned groups to “sign out” their particular group of students so we know who is with whom. Sign back in when you return to the hotel so we can account for everyone.


London Permission