Booster Elections

Booster Elections  2019

Each January, MHS Band Booster board elections are held and all positions are elected/re-elected.

I am pleased to announce that we have a nomination for every position, but that doesn't mean everyone else is off the hook! Our new board will be seeking the help of everyone to handle the many tasks that lie ahead and I believe committees will be formed for specific tasks/events. Maybe you're not ready for a board position, but you can still play an important part in this capacity. 

Thank you everyone who has taken this step!

Position                         Nominee

Co-president           Cheri Woodall
Co-president           Sharon Livingstone
Vice-president        Mandie Johnson
Vice-president        Sharon Hildick
Vice-president        Pat Williams

Treasurer                 Lisa Elder
Asst Treasurer        Lisa Robinson
Asst Treasurer        Melanie Lahutsky
Secretary                  Dawn Bryan












Where do you fit into our puzzle?