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2021 MHS Marching Band Handbook

MHS Marching Band

Marching band is a musical ensemble that portrays its musical selections through the use of motion and visual concepts such as drill moves and use of Color Guard.  It combines music, athleticism, and choreography to generate entertainment.


Every person in our organization is essential to its success, regardless of the position they hold. There are no performers who “sit on the bench” in marching band. Everyone is a “varsity starter” at every rehearsal and performance. All of us (students, staff, and parents) must work together to achieve our goals. From this cooperative effort comes a respect for each other that will allow us to change our goals into realities. We derive strength and courage from each other, working side-by-side toward excellence in rehearsal and in performance. Success is achieved through unselfishness, understanding and persistence.

We strive to create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. This is accomplished working unselfishly together in rehearsal and in performance, toward a common goal of “pride in personal excellence”. It is also accomplished through mutual respect, through a commitment to one another, through honesty and dedication. Those things that we cherish the most and that withstand the test of time are those, which have been created carefully and nurtured over a long period of time. The pride that develops as a result will be remembered not only this year, but for many years to come.

See the complete 2021 MHS Marching Band Handbook here, for additional information.

And be sure to complete Medical Forms/Contracts. All traditional “paperwork” will be done digitally this year via Google Forms

If you’d like more information, please contact Mr. Parks by email at

Awards – Chapter IX Chapter & Atlantic Coast Championships

2019 – Group 3 – 1st Place (94.25) – ICONIC – (ACC score & place 95.35 / 4th place; high visual)
2018 – Group 3 – 1st Place (94.3) – everyONE – (ACC score & place 96.70 / 3rd place; high auxiliary)
2017 – Group 3 – 1st Place (95.25) – The Dash – (ACC score & place 95.9 / 4th place)
2016 – Group 3 – 2nd Place (91.75) – Me, the Machine (ACC score & place 92.85 / 7th place; high auxiliary)
2015 – Group 3 – 1st Place (94.6) – Silk Road (ACC score & place 95.00 / 6th place)
2014 – Group 3 – 1st Place (92.0) – Connected (ACC score & place 93.55 / 7th place)
2013 – Group 3 – 2nd Place (90.4) – Beyond Earth (ACC score & place 91.85 / 7th place)
2012 – Group 2 – 1st Place (90.15) – Rome (ACC – did not compete)
2011 – Group 2 – 3nd Place (87.85) – Stormworks (ACC score & place 89.55 / 11th place)