Jazz Ensemble

MHS Jazz Ensemble

The goal of the Middletown High School Jazz Ensemble is to provide students with a musical experience in the traditional and modern jazz styles. This endeavor will strive to be both educational and enjoyable for the members of the band as well as the audience. Students will be introduced to and begin to identify stylistic traits of traditional and modern jazz. They will also begin a development of certain jazz idiomatic concepts such as the swing style and how it varies historically within Jazz, it's performers, and their ensembles. This ensemble also seeks to introduce students to improvisation and provide them with strategies for success in improvising a solo. Other musical skills which will be addressed include intonation, blend/balance, and technical development. Ultimately, through these studies, students will more thoroughly understand the cultural and artistic relevance of jazz through performance.

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Awards - Atlantic Coast Championships

2017 - A Class Champions
2015 - Open Class Champions
2013 - A Class Champions